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Michael R. Harding

Suite 1104, 1150 Burnaby Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E 1P2

  Landline: (+1) 604 662 7209  Mobile: (+1) 604 209 8917  UK Mobile: +44 (0) 777 359 1720

E-mail: mharding@michael-harding.com  Fax: (001) 604 662 8722


 “Tenacious and dedicated, the work Michael Harding has done has been outstanding”

His Excellency Roy McLaren, High Commissioner for Canada to the Court of St James’s


Advanced Satellite Technologies – Focus on government and strategic policy

2011 – 2013.  Urthecast – The World’s First Live Streaming ‘Earth’ Video Camera

Senior Advisor – Government and Strategic Policy


  • Maximizing high level awareness in partner countries.
  • Crafting collaborations and agreements with significant strategic partners.
  • Network high level government opportunities.
  • Attract high net worth individuals as investors.

” Not only exciting and inspiring, but one of the best organised events I have ever attended. Congratulations!”

Ann T. Callaghan, Consul General of the Untied States of America


 International Relations – Focus on accessing sovereign wealth funds

2008 – 2011.  MDA Corporation (MacDonald Dettwiler)

Director of International Relations


To significantly increase revenue through development of global projects focused on sovereign wealth funds and to bring value to the acquiring nation through satellite data systems business. Proposed projects valued over $1 Billion.

  • Crafted international business development and global government relations for specific projects to increase revenue.
  • With a team of technical executives, developed leads and relationships to draft proposals and finalise negotiations.

International Relations – Focus on increasing global revenue

1999 – 2005. MacDonald Dettwiler : MDA Corporation

Director of International Relations


To significantly increase revenue through the introduction, discussion, and closing of major contracts valued over $100 million including: NLIS and BCOL recently sold for $890 million.

  • UK National Land Information Service: ₤100 million annual revenue for 10 years.

Delivers land information to business. Fulfilling the government’s mandate to improve public access to Government Information (E-Gov. Agenda).

  • Radarsat 2: Radar Satellite – $400 million revenue (initial). Delivers radar imagery for surveillance, defence, disaster monitoring, land planning. Generates revenue via imagery sales.
  • British Columbia Online: Online Land Registry System  – BCOL – $100 million in revenue per year. Provides per transaction income through online property information system.
  • Introduced robotic micro technology to the medical community with a focus on robotic brain surgery

“The National Land Information Service, {Mr. Harding} is something of which you can be justifiably very proud.” 

The Right Honourable Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

 International Business Networking and Communicating

1999 – Present.  Michael R. Harding and Company Ltd.

  • Developed contacts with ultra high net worth individuals in the Middle East, Africa and India.
  • Expanded communication with Hong Kong and Taiwanese investors.
  • Worked with high net worth Ismaili individuals on a varietey of high tech projects.
  • Developed relationships with representatives of major Swiss banks introducing them to high net worth persons.

Public Affairs and Communications – To maximize global brand image and to attract investors

1999 – 2001.  MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA)

Director of Public Affairs


Maximise global brand image though aggressive ongoing media campaign with a focus on attracting investors.

  • Prepared and delivered all major media communications to ensure consistency on a national and international level, inform shareholders and the public of new technological developments, to attract new investment, and acknowledge government support for company innovation.
  • Created and maintained international relationships to maintain global brand and to attract investment from the international market.  To maintain MDA’s status in the media as a global leader in space technology.
  • Spokesperson for company clarifying and describing new policies and activities to enhance positive market profile for investors. Explained new MDA advancement in robotics, space exploration and terrestrial technologies in order to expand global brand penetration.
  • Organised major media events, diplomatic, political visits, and press conferences to maintain MDA’s profile as the technological leader in new space development with government partners and the corps diplomatique, paving the way for further investment and strong alliances with world governments.

” Michael, you have made an enormous contribution to the company”

Dan Friedmann, President and CEO, MDA Corporation

Major Capital Campaigns – Raising money in challenging times

1998 – 2001. The Pacific Space Centre Campaign: H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

Campaign Director


  • Governed the capital campaign to a successful conclusion achieving funding goal through community, government and corporate buy-in.
  • Raised $8.5 million during period of economic recession.
  • Selected design contractor through international process, ensuring design lead to attract visitors and income.
  • Created and implemented the Capital Campaign to ensure corporate and public buy-in.
  • Created and administered marketing plan to assure visitor statistics and revenue.
  • Selected and motivated patrons and Campaign Cabinet to donate funds and to leverage funds from their networks.
  • Led Campaign Cabinet to successful conclusion under budget and beyond revenue expectations.
  • Completed all funding requests designed for each donor.
  • Trained Campaign Cabinet to assist with ‘asks’, increasing pressure on donors to participate.
  • Designed and managed Community Campaign to generate community support and to ensure political will for extensive government donations.

“Very good, Mr. Harding, My sons liked the Space Centre very much.”

His Royal Highness, the Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.


The ‘Give Art A Home’ Campaign – Raising money and increasing awareness

1995 – 1998.  Shadboldt Centre for the Arts

Executive Director

Co-ordinate and complete a successful capital campaign during a recession for an Arts Centre.

  • Raised $7.5 million during a recession for the Shadbolt Centre For The Arts in a suburban area.
  • Created campaign literature to ensure imagistic lead to attract interest and donations.
  • Designed ‘Give Art A Home’ media profile using popular Joe Average animatronic which attracted funding.
  • Pursued all funding requests with patrons and governments and corporations to ‘closing’.
  • Created and Hilary westonmanaged extensive community campaign, including 100+ community fundraising events to inform, raise money and create profile.
  • Produced ‘Kiri Te Kanawa Gala Concert’. Featuring the world’s most famous opera star. As intended, event raised campaign profile to national level attracting significant donations.


“Michael Harding is like a pit-bull with a bone – he won’t let go till he gets what he wants”

The Hon. Glen Clark, M.L.A., Premier of British Columbia

References provided upon request


Welcome to the Michael Harding website.  Mr. Harding will focus this site on his latest activities within his global high-level business network.  Michael Harding’s special focus continues to be on high technology and is interested in contract opportunities globally.

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